Successful procurement strategies that target both direct and indirect costs have never been more important, yet most companies lack the resources, expertise, or data to make the best decisions across every category of spend.

Piedmont Group International has extensive experience managing strategic sourcing projects for private and public companies, and private equity portfolio companies.  Unlike other Procurement Service Providers (PSP) that focus only on cost reduction, Piedmont Group International recognizes that the best decisions depend on the strategic goals of our clients. Cost reduction is always a driving principle, but it is short-sighted and potentially damaging to focus on cost alone without a thorough understanding of stakeholder needs and available options.

By leveraging our expertise analyzing companies and evaluating investment opportunities, Piedmont Group International provides unique insights to the strategic aspects of decision making. Our goal is to develop deeper understating of client, vendor and supplier businesses to uncover synergies and create opportunities for differentiation that focus on shared value and transcend cost.

Our process ensures the best suited product or service is being chosen based on the strategic intentions of the client and that maximum value can be achieved and maintained.


Piedmont Group International’s expertise analyzing companies and evaluating investment opportunities allows us to excel in identifying opportunities for optimization throughout the value chain.


Benchmarking is the foundation upon which strategic sourcing is built.  Internal and external benchmarking provides an understanding of best-in-class industry practices which serve as a baseline for true strategic source optimization.


Our match recommendations present strategic solutions to meet opportunities for optimization.  Our clients have confidence in the results-oriented approach and first-time right matching.