Piedmont Group International provides its exclusive base of portfolio managers, institutional and private equity clients unbiased analysis in support of their strategic or tactical positions.  Our extensive experience performing deep industry research and analysis provides our customers confidence to execute on informed and well-planned investment positions.

Piedmont Group International enjoys long-standing relationships with our exclusive list of clients through regular, ongoing communication of capital market activity and related opportunities.


Piedmont Group International’s research-driven approach provides objective insight to reduce uncertainty and enable better-informed investment decisions. We provide a powerful blend of services to strategic and financial investors, encompassing corporate development, private equity, and hedge fund clients.

  • Industry and market research – Piedmont Group International’s advanced methodology begins with a ground-level approach to assessing the relative attractiveness of industries and segments, by engaging key buyers, suppliers and other industry participants to identify the most pertinent opportunities and risks.

  • Acquisition and partner identification – Piedmont Group International helps clients identify the leading strategy-specific acquisition and partner targets, including market entry, consolidation/roll-up and bolt-on for enhanced breadth of capabilities and offerings.
  • Due diligence support – Piedmont Group International’s research and analytical expertise help clients gauge the viability of an acquisition by providing an unbiased assessment of its products and services, human capital, customer and supplier relationships and market position relative to rivals.

  • Operational analysis – Post-transaction, Piedmont Group International helps clients pursue greater returns by targeting for improvement key operational and financial metrics, often based on our industry and company expertise gained in the acquisition research.